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In the world of crytptocurrency there’s no such product which comes with a FREE price tag. Even the Initial ICO will be offered at least price but not for free.There are many programs may tell you that you will get free ICO for registrations(hidden cost may apply). Even to claim those least priced ICO you must need to provide your credentials at some point which may masqueraded.

Before you pat an eye on any ICO on the market kindly check the following terms to check the legibility of the ICO

  • ICO – Coin headcap
  • Rating
  • ICO reviews
  • Moon level
  • ICO Stage
  • Is it mineable?
  • SCAM level?
  • And list goes on depends upon your thoughts and investment.

We repeat that no one in the world is willing to give you free cryptocurrency unless if they are your trusted people.Always open an eye for the scammers out there to prevent yourself from losing for glittering offers.

If you got any messages/email/texts stating we own mining farm with free miners/ free mining program/low investment higher interest kindly look for any trusted sources about those offers.If you find it as a fake ones kindly mark it as a spam and post your experience on any forums to help & prevent other people from the spams.

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