Everyone can Earn Ethereum


Donate as little as 0.05ETH and Turn it into 3184ETH


The Dream come true Platform with the Autopilot Method, The true Magic of Team Work in Crypto World Starts here. More than Earning here Help and Enjoy in the Crypto Community. Join and Earn!!

How it Works ?

Your journey starts by joining our community by donating as little as 0.05 ETH to your LEVEL 1 UPLINE in order to receive 0.05 ETH from each of your LEVEL1 DOWNLINES 
2*0.05 = 0.10 ETH. Starts with just 2 Members under you in Autopilot.

What is Autopilot ? For Example: You or Your Upline Having team to refer 10 members in hand and at start you join in 5th place means the next downline are your team has you can refer or the upline will put the next 5 member as downline for you. Its Simple and Powerful Tool to earn and enjoy in Crypto Community.

Once you received enough ETH from LEVEL 1 DOWNLINES now you can upgrade to LEVEL 2 and More by donating More ETH to your Next LEVEL UPLINE in order to receive ETH from each of your LEVEL DOWNLINES you will earn more and more Ethereum Upto 3185 ETH. Its Cool Easy!!!





Ethermania is the World’s First Ethereum based 2×7 Matrix with Auto Confirmation payments along with it is an advertising and marketing platform offering banner and text advertisement credits to members to promote their business.


Ethermania is very simple, join the community and connect with at least 2 of your friends and get them to support you by joining too and then grow into increasing wealth. One fact about Ethermania is that member’s funds are not held within the system but rather move from one member to member.


The Best Notable Point in this Platform is an advertising service provider where members can place text, banner and login ads and create a passive revenue from our partner system along with we provide direct M2M contributions where members voluntarily send and receive contributions. It brings forth a new way of raising funds for various projects, whether it is for personal needs or a host of other worthy projects s, such as schools, non-profit organizations, clubs, etc. So you can improve your Business from here.

*The only places we highly recommend you go get Ethereum wallet is at

  1. MyEtherWallet(https://www.myetherwallet.com/) (Web Wallet)
  2. Jaxx (Mobile Wallet, Desktop  & Extension Wallet)
  3. Exodus (Desktop Wallet)
  4. MetaMask(https://metamask.io/) (Extension Wallet)
  5. Mist(https://github.com/ethereum/mist/releases/) (Desktop Wallet)

Note : Don’t use Ethereum Wallet Address from Blockhain, Coinbase Bittrex,Poloneix , Ccex, Binance and many such exchange

Here Come an Interesting think i have to share with you all that is I have joint and complete the Level 1 and Upgrade to Level 2 Wow Looking forward. I have start with 0.05ETH Now I have receive 0.18 ETH. Within a month i looking to upgrade more, Join hands and enjoy 

More News Coming Soon


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