Miner OneWorld’s Biggest & Most Profitable Crypto Mining


Protect Yourself from Bitcoin Price Fluctuations and Earn Passive Income with Up to 13% Monthly Payouts Investing in MIO Tokens.

“ Miner One is one of the most ambitious ICOs with a super-talented team that I have ever seen. I am confident they will change the economics of the mining industry to everyone’s advantage. This project is destined to succeed.”

The Miner One Difference

Unlike a pool, it doesn’t rely on participants’ computing power. Unlike a cloud, it doesn’t rent you hashing power and charge you administrative feeds regardless of outcome.

The basis of the Miner One business model is the Miner One (MIO) Token. Each MIO Token
represents membership in the Miner One Community and a share in the output of the best
crowdfunded bitcoin mining centres money can buy.

  • Miner One will be crowdfunded through the distribution of MIO Tokens following an Initial Coin Offering (ICO).
  • The maximum amount to be raised (the so-called “Hard Cap”) during the first Miner One
    Crowdsale shall be the equivalent in Ether (ETH) of USD 200 million. The minimum (so-called “Soft Cap”) shall be 3 million.
  • Eighty two (82) percent of MIO Tokens issued will be available for acquisition by the public during the Crowdsale, which will begin February 15, 2018 and last up to 90 days or until the Hard Cap is reached, if sooner. The remaining eighteen (18) percent of MIO Tokens will be reserved as follows: 2 percent for the ICO Bounty Program, 6 percent for Research and Development, and 10 percent for the Founding (Management) Team.
  • A Pre-ICO was held in late 2017 to raise initial funds, during which time 330,000 MIO Tokens were sold at a preferred rate (for details, see the section “Crowdsale Details”).
  • Using the funds raised during the Crowdsale, the Miner One Management Team will purchase and set up the most advanced mining equipment available on the market (currently, the Ebang Ebit Miner E10) in one or more mining centres. If the Soft Cap is met, Miner One will commence mining operations within 3–5 months of the ICO.

Token Distribution

The Miner One Crowdsale will be conducted exclusively on the Miner One. The Crowdsale will begin at 12:00 GMT on Thursday, February 15, 2018. The starting value of one MIO Token will be 0,001 ETH (or equivalent in BTC, LTC or EUR). “Early bird” discounts will be offered (see below). The minimum amount required to participate is 0.1 ETH. Live online support will be available on the website up to and during the Crowdsale.


Which Cryptocurrencies Will Be Mined?

Miner One will mine bitcoin – today’s most popular and potentially profitable cryptocurrency
with the highest market capitalisation. Mining equipment runs on task-specific processors, which limits the possibilities of switching efficiently between different cryptocurrencies. The Miner One Team will, however, be closely monitoring market conditions. In case of significant changes, miners can be switched to mine other cryptocurrencies that use the SHA256 algorithm. If market conditions warrant, Miner One may use part or all of the 23 percent of output set aside for ongoing equipment upgrades to acquire specialised miners for other cryptocurrencies.

Invest in the 
World’s Biggest & Most Profitable
Crowdfunded Crypto Mining Operation

Compare Mining Options

Pools? Clouds? Miner One? Who gives you the best deal?


“Protect Yourself from Bitcoin Price Fluctuations and Earn Passive Income with Up to 13% Monthly Payouts Investing in MIO Tokens.”



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