USI Tech is a forex and cryptocurrency trading company which pays 1% daily for the 140 working days.


USI Tech is a forex and cryptocurrency trading company that also does cryptocurrency mining. The company is in trading platform from last 8 years with track record of private client. You can start with as little as 50 euro in bitcoin.

The future updates coming to USI Tech in the near future are very promising. With that in mind now is a great time to be getting into USI Tech. The USI Tech Mining, the USI Tech bitcoin ATM Machines, the USI TECH Hawaii incentive in April 2018 and other awesome things coming with USI Tech for 2018.

Is USI Legit and Compliant Globally?

In the world of cryptocurrencies there is no shortage of scam projects and ICOs out there. USI-Tech is transparent and open in how it operates.  Do your own due diligence and you will find plenty of third party validation.

Buy a Bitcoin Package – Each Bitcoin Package is 50 Euro (approx. $60 USD).  Buy as many packages as you want. Each package is worth 50 euro of bitcoin at the time of purchase.

Earn 140% – Approx. 1% Daily (Business Days Only)

Each business day you are paid back approx. 1% of your initial bitcoin package It takes approx. 140 business days for full return

Increasing Profit – Compounding Power

If you had bought 10 packages 140 business days ago. Bitcoin price was approx. $600 in January 2018

10 packages would have cost you 500 Euro 0.05 Bitcoin (50/600 X 10)


1) Join USI Tech:http://bit.ly/usiitech

2) Fill in all your basic information on your profile.

3) Verify your phone number.

4) Verify your account using your ID & Proof of address.

5) Enter security questions & answers.

6) Set up Google Authenticator Two Factor Identification.

7) Upgrade to become an affiliate.

8) Wait for your account to be verified. (Takes a while)

9) Buy your Bitcoin On Coinbase/LocalBitcoins (or elsewhere).

10) Decide how many BTC Packages or Tokens you want.

11) Package Options – Place Order – Chose BTC/Token Package – Enter Number Of Packages – Click Agree & Purchase – Send The Grand Total Amount from your wallet (coinbase/localbitcoins) to that specific one time USI Tech address – wait a while for your packs to credit.

12) After you’ve bought your packs there is no need to activate anything, you will now start earning 1% per business day.



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