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Mining is a concept of extracting/ gaining  the cryptocurrency by solving/completing complex transactions in the blockchains. Those complexity in the blockchains  will be solved by using any CPU/ GPU or with dedicated miners available in the market.Mining requires a fully functional computer system with high GPU(depend upon the cryptocurrency) & mining software to solve/complete the transactions.The mining can be classified in to hardware mining & cloud mining. Hardware mining can be done at your workplace,home wherever you have your CPU/ Miner. Cloud mining are carried out by a dedicated mining company/farms with different type of plans & profits.

These risk can be minimized in cloud mining. The TOP CLOUD MINING & SAMPLE CALC

HASHFLARE – The best cloud mining for the bitcoin & Altcoins

MINERGATE – The Platform for the Cloud Mining as well Hardware Mining

USI TECH – The Trading & Cloud Mining Platform which pays 1% daily for the 140 working days.

SHA 256 – Bitcoin

Cost = USD 1.50 / 10 Ghs
Bitcoin to USD Rate = (1 BTC / USD 17000)
Maintenance Fee = 0.0035 BTC Per 10 Ghs

The above information is required for us to get started in calculating profitability, We will get deeper into the calculation in another post. In this post we aim to find out how soon we can start making money after investing. So lets say we intend to purchase 670 Ghs of SHA 256 from Hashflare, this is what we will end up with.

Cost = USD 100
Bitcoin to USD Rate = (1 BTC / USD 17000)
Mining Rate = BTC 0.00010590 / $1.70 / day

The Above rate is after Maintenance fee

Daily – USD 1.70
Weekly – USD 11.88
1 Month = USD 50.90
12 Months = USD 619.51

The Above Values only for the investment of $100, if we invest higher we can earn higher and make the bitcoin grow.

Use the link and 10% refund for every purchase

If you have invested USD 100 into SHA 256, you’ll earn your investment back in 60 days. If prices of Bitcoin goes higher you profit will be even higher!! Start small , start now !

Compounding Make More Profit contact me for more details

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The Mining starts with the CPU, GPU, ASIC

CPU – The Processor performance is much important in the CPU Mining the coins can mine in average
rate of speed.

GPU – The Graphic card which solve more math problems compare to CPU as fast. COmpare to GPU CPU is
slow in hashrate.

ASIC – The Machine is designed for the Mining purpose is ASIC Miner. Depends on the model & Script the machine can mine most of coins with the best hashrate.



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